Setting up Dark Mode for Nuxt and Storybook via Tailwind CSS
Enable multiple color modes for component design in Storybook, and use color mode-aware components in Nuxt
December 29, 2020
Implementing FastAPI Services – Abstraction and Separation of Concerns
FastAPI application and service structure for a more maintainable codebase
August 11, 2020
CI/CD Workflow for AWS ECS via Terragrunt and GitHub Actions
Adopt Terraform to auto-provision infrastructure, and GitHub Flow to continuously test and deploy code
May 03, 2020
Python i18n - Localizing Transactional Email Templates
Leverage Python, Jinja and i18n Ally to define, localize, and preview transactional emails
February 25, 2020
Deploy Flask Apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using Travis CI
Setting up a CI/CD pipeline for your Flask application with Travis CI and AWS Elastic Beanstalk
September 25, 2019
Create a macOS Menu Bar App with Python (Pomodoro Timer)
Create your very own macOS Menu Bar App using Python, rumps and py2app – A simple Pomodoro Timer
June 12, 2019
Deploy Python Functions to AWS Lambda with PyCharm
Speed up your serverless workflow by deploying your AWS Lambda Python functions with PyCharm
December 10, 2018
Develop a Serverless Flask REST API with Zeit Now
Deploy a Flask-powered Serverless JSON REST API to Zeit Now, a platform for global serverless deployments
November 24, 2018
Deploy a Serverless Python JSON API to Zeit Now
Create a Serverless JSON API in Python and deploy it to Zeit Now, a platform for global serverless deployments
November 23, 2018
Deploy a Flask Website to AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Create a Flask-powered website and deploy it to AWS Elastic Beanstalk including SSL via Let's Encrypt
November 07, 2018
Create a Flask REST API running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Deploy a REST API running on Flask to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, with automatic SSL certificate provisioning via Let's Encrypt
November 01, 2018
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